SAP HCM Unique Questionnaire


Today I’ve realized to introduce SAP Online Shop where you can purchase an unique product – SAP HCM Questionnaire to test your or consultant skill in SAP HCM area. These questions have never been seen in Internet as developed by myself.

Feel free to comment and purchase this unique product!


GOS – Generic Object Services

At bottom it is convenient tool to store different documents, links, notes, workflows with business objects assigned. Business trip, personnel number, absence could be a business object. It looks like that:






Customizing is pretty simple. I’d say most of the features is already set by default.

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WebDynPro settings


I’m going to share some of my thoughts regarding new topics on personnel development. We need to set up our systems before that time to make sure everything works well. Most of you have systems set up by Basis team guys, so this is for others.

Thus we need to set up SAP Netweaver/ERP server for WDA to allow to process and show WDA applications. You aware that WDA it one of the latest WEB based technologies SAP provide us. It’s less flexible than UI5 but still powerful. Web history in SAP started with BSP, than WDA for Java, WDA for ABAP and the latest Fiori on UI5.

We have a goal to see web applications for some HR functionality. We can run them through SE80 or from business role just to look at them as a start point. Starting app shows some error. It’s usually saying that server is inaccessible or something. Let’s figure out what’s going on. Server or service is not set. I’ve never done that before so will go ahead with you together. I’ve just found first WDA app, hit Test button in SE80 and it failed.

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Permission system and tables access in SAP security field


There is a good article regarding SAP security and managing SAP tables access. Highly recommended to read

Extending renumeration statement (PE51)


Are you ready to break renumeration statement form. You can add your own fields in PE51 transaction that are lack in standard system.

You need to do three steps to add your field or table into PE51 form.

  1. Add structure definition into include RPCEDDZ9
  2. Fill that structure in include RPCEDSZ9
  3. Add that structure in PE51_CHECKTAB transaction.

Here is a note to help you with :) 320257 – HR-EDT: Print of customer-specific data and infotypes

And some examples:

Hide Object Manager in PA30

There was a situation when the system was set to run across every personnel number through the whole system. With thousands of employees, it took to much time so system hung out. Why? The user has turned on Object Manager in PA30 to show all employees according to permissions. The system opens transactions, sees object manager and starts loading employees. And hangs out of memory. No way to open transaction as it opens object manager every time. Solution?

Disable Object manager or temporary hide it. In user parameters (transaction SU01, SU3) you can insert these params to hide or disable last search results.


It will reset current settings for the user.

Enable green checkboxes in PA20, PA30

There is a note 713327 – Green ticks for time management infotypes. You can look inside to find out how it sets these ticks.

Overview SAP UI Technologies and when to choose what


Want to show you a good presentation about different SAP Interfaces. All rights belong to SAP AG. Have a look at this presentation if you want to learn something new about SAP Fiori, SAP UI approach, tips and tricks.


BC Sets

I’m positive you’ve heard such tool as business configuration sets. This convinient thing makes any table customizing grouping with ease into one box and transport them to other system or landscape. Fox example we can transport setting with transport reqiests or with BC Sets. BS Sets have an advantage that you can manually specify needed SPRO paths, tables, even records or part of a record, that is inpossible with regular transport requests. As a plus it has pleasant interface.

Open SPRO -> Tools -> Customizing Objects -> Business Configuration Sets.

Create a new package.


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