How to run any functional module with input data from text file

We all know SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) pretty well. We use it in 99% data migration projects, or when we need to do some mass changes in the live system and standard PA70 doesn’t work well because of its limits. Some geek guys like myself dig deeper and use function modules instead of writing ABAP code to make any mass changes. There is a great advantage – you don’t need a Developer license to run the functional module. Open SE37 transaction, select module and run it with some parameters. Today I want to share with you my research how to run any functional module with a dataset from a text file. Just couple clicks and you have a VERY powerful tool to do almost everything in SAP. And, one more advantage, running functional modules directly is much faster, than using batch inputs.

Yes, here comes eCATT to the scene. It’s that flexible that we can use not only for testing purpose but to run mass operations. It has its own script language which could help us to analyze FM output and build a chain of FM calls to accomplish something complex.

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ABAP Unit Test

And don’t tell me I’m a bore. ABAP unit test worth it!

Here how it was. Once I told you about Test Driven Development methodology, but today I decided to try it in practice how it works in SAP. I created basic OData Service and decided to test it automatically.

Now I want to test it automatically. Earlier I told about SECATT. Today let’s talk about Unit testing. It such a thing which is developed in ABAP and allows to test logic inside of a program. It does not simulate user input but verifies internal procedures, methods, functions for a supposed result. For example, it should always save correct data but never allows to save incorrect data. To implement we create two methods – positive result test and negative result test.

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