Mass document printing in SAP

Here is a secret way how you can save thousands of dollars on print form development.

Printing Documents

Here is an issue. Customer needs to print hundreds of the same form documents for employees. Like notices, orders or whatever.

First of all we need to create basic SAP Query report. For example I’ve created this one that includes name and company. For real doc you’ll possible need many other fields like amount from infotype 0015, address from sixth and etc. All this you can extract from the system with standard fields within SAP Query or create additional fields in Customizing.

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STVARV variables

Here is a deal. You can simplify users’ life with STVARV transaction. You can store variables in STVARV. Most developers are aware of this transaction while consultants are not. Convenience is in the ability to create variables, define their values and (bonus!) assign variables to fields in report variants.

Let’s say we create variable “Gross wages” where put all wage types referenced to gross income. Than we use this variable in all payroll reports in variants. Old style way is to define wage types directly in each variant in each report. In case you add even one wage type you need to adjust all variants for all reports. Nightmare!

New way is to create one variable, assign wage types and next time you need to add just one wage type to gross income you just do one change in STVARV and it works everywhere. Brilliant!


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Resume parsing

Want to talk about?

It’s a boring time for a recruiter. SAP knows well how to it his job, there is nothing to do about. Position requests from managers are being processed themselves, posted to internal and external web-portals or agencies. Feedbacks are being sent back to managers by themselves and automatically. Everything is integrated. CV is being read from email  [email protected], parsed to bones and stored in candidate database. Interviews are being initiated from a mobile phone, rooms are reserved. Boring, no fun at all.

Everything is clear except CV. We know every resume is made of a typical skeleton, where is personal info, contacts, work experience. Every part could be formalized, parsed to its components and analyzed by a number of factors and variants of appearance.

We understand that First and Last names could match file name, never is written with punctuation characters, always start with a capital letter or are all capital and resides in the top part of a doc.

We also understand that contact phone number has fixed number of digits, patterns are also well known and it’s placed somewhere by name or e-mail address.

We understand that work experience is a consequence of the same type blocks with company, period, position and job functions specification. It’s just a table which can be retrieved from CV somehow. Let’s say exported in XML format, where we can easily find repeating elements that appear more than once.

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