Run time evaluation in parallel

There is an easy way to run time evaluation in parallel. Standard PT60 doesn’t know anything about it and you need to wait a long time everytime you run payroll for all your employees.

A long time ago SAP developed this program, that nobody knows about – RPCS0000 to schedule background time evaluation in parallel.

The program allows reducing runtime evaluation in parallel in background split by a group of personnel numbers. It dramatically reduces runtime for the whole company, particularly when you have thousands of employees.

Run SAP Time Evaluation in Parallel

Run SAP Time Evaluation in Parallel

Positive time accouting

Positive accounting is a tricky thing. Seems to be easy – come in/go out – check in/out and everything should work fine, But.. Positive accounting is when time is registered by actual time worked in days or hours, with time events (in, out, lunch). There are special statuses in infotype 7th, special time evaluation schemas TM00, TM01. How does it work?

We’ve implemented positive accounting with biometric fingerstamps. When an employee comes he enters personnel number, swipe finger and time event is stored in SAP. 3rd party vendor collects time events, process them to avoid errors and post to SAP every 5 minutes. It’s performed with standard SAP interface PDC – PT80 transaction.

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