Mass document printing in SAP

Here is a secret way how you can save thousands of dollars on print form development.

Printing Documents

Here is an issue. Customer needs to print hundreds of the same form documents for employees. Like notices, orders or whatever.

First of all we need to create basic SAP Query report. For example I’ve created this one that includes name and company. For real doc you’ll possible need many other fields like amount from infotype 0015, address from sixth and etc. All this you can extract from the system with standard fields within SAP Query or create additional fields in Customizing.

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Watching SAP Query

I think you’ve read SAP courses very carefully with attention. And you know SAP Query logging abilities for sure. I didn’t know that. I’ve read some courses and have found curious things I’d like to share with you.

For example, we can log everything user runs in ad-hoc query or SAP Query. Let’s set it up.
Open SQ02, menu Extras – Set Logs.
sq02 logging

Here we add infosets and info areas (like standard and global). The first column is for the area (space for standard and G for global). Second is for Infoset or asterisk.

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