ABAP Unit Test

And don’t tell me I’m a bore. ABAP unit test worth it!

Here how it was. Once I told you about Test Driven Development methodology, but today I decided to try it in practice how it works in SAP. I created basic OData Service and decided to test it automatically.

Now I want to test it automatically. Earlier I told about SECATT. Today let’s talk about Unit testing. It such a thing which is developed in ABAP and allows to test logic inside of a program. It does not simulate user input but verifies internal procedures, methods, functions for a supposed result. For example, it should always save correct data but never allows to save incorrect data. To implement we create two methods – positive result test and negative result test.

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Types of testing


Let’s agreed about SAP testing types.

Component test. It’s a test of specific function or setting. For example, wage type calculation, enter data into infotype, run report. It’s a process step.

Functional test. It’s a test of a process with several steps. Time report (enter time date, run time evaluation, run time report).

Integration test. It’s a test of contiguous processes, processes passing through different modules. For example, fire with final payroll run, payroll with postings.

User acceptance test. It’s a user test, who accepts the system. ┬áIt’s a complex test, that covers elements of component, functional and integration test depending on user role.

Regression test. It’s a test of already implemented and production functionality after any system change. Is needed to verify that nothing was broken after system change. Under system change we should understand customizing, ABAP, system update or upgrade or any other changes. For example, payroll rule was changed, tax base could affect other wages.

Stress test (load test). It’s a test of system under high load or high pressure. Let’s say we need to understand system response time when 10, 50, 500, 10 000 users will enter the system for any operation.

What’ve I missed?