Working with OS level from SAP

We have a task – manage OS level requests from SAP job scheduling tool (SM36 transaction). You know, there are a lot of tools to perform OS level tasks, that are built into OS or some 3rd party tools, which support command line access.

For example, I’ve created a simple executable file with just one command:

echo “SAP running” >> sap.log

We want to run this script from OS level locally on the server where SAP is running. Then, remotely, where no SAP system is installed.

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Data conversion in SAP ALE

Some time ago we discussed SAP ALE, what it is, how it works. Here is the link. Today I want to share with you how we can change data on-fly when we need to do some conversion during the integration process.

Usually, we need conversion in heterogeneous landscapes, where different systems presented with miscellaneous settings, types, architectures. Let’s say you want to include a new SAP ERP during company acquisition into your landscape. There will be another business unites codes or personnel numbers, which differ from your present system. Or you want to send some flag depending on your conditions in the source system. Here data conversion rules come into place.

When you do SAP ALE configuration, you usually use IDOC conversion rules. So to start with conversions, have a look at these three IMG paths. Run SALE transaction and scroll down to our menu.

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