Look what I’ve just heard.

This is just a simple screen of simple LSMW project. Boring! But if you click Layout button, mark all checkboxes and then double-click …

Here we can do something. During execution system automatically generates ABAP program based on LSMW settings made. As it’s an ABAP program we can do almost anything here. Let’s say we want to collect errors during the run. Now we can process fields, do data validation and record messages per each record in a file. We can use a standard global T_ERRORTAB table that’s shown in the log during Conversation phase. And then at the end of _END_OF_PROCESSING create a specific log file in CSV format which easily readable in MS Excel.

Consultants usually write validations in MS Excel using formulas or macroses. When we process large volumes there could be issues with different MS Excel versions. Oldest ones don’t support large volumes. Very little knowledge of ABAP could avoid you of these problems moving validations from Excel to LSMW. IN case of critical error you can skip the whole transaction, or even process all file and run validations without actually trying to create data entries in the system. It’s a huge time saver.