Why pay for 3rd party test tools and software?

I don’t see any reason and willingness to do that. We have paid enough to SAP to have these tools for free and already integrated into our workflows. Here is a way to organize SAP testing in SAP ERP system. it’s free as already covered by your professional licenses. Solution Manager could be a great extension but even without it classic SAP ERP already has all required tools. It’s just best practice from SAP how to build test plans, test cases, organize testing itself and control every single step. Hundreds of users? User Acceptance Test, Unit-Test, Automated Testing – no problem at all!

Step by step guide how to organize SAP testing

Transaction STWB_1. Create test catalog. There are three main options. Creating manual tests (a-la MS Excel, MS Word), automated eCATT, external (through an external program).

For example, I’ve created two simple tests.

We can have detailed test description here, in place and available to our testing users.

Then we go in STWB_2 transaction. Here we create a test plan for SAP testing, for example functional, integration, load, external systems, etc. And here we add our tests to the test plan (like test scenarios). It doesn’t matter what SAP module you want to test: SAP HCM or SAP MM will work the same way. Even more, you can have all SAP modules here in the test plan.

Starting to fill test packages – test sets, that some tester should run when they are assigned a role during SAP testing step. Tester means a specific consultant or key-user.

Below I’ve created test package with two of my tests and assigned them to VIRVIT user.

We understand that there may be manual tests and automated as well as SAP testing usually covers a lot of functionality and different scopes. Let’s say some specific automated tests could be assigned to one test package and scheduled to run on specific time. I.e. before other manual tests to ensure general issues are fixed (short dumps).

Imagine SAP testing has started, almost go-live phase. Now this VIRVIT user opens transaction STWB_WORK and sees all assigned to him tests.

If you click on the test status, you can set test status, actual duration, error messages or comments to developers or manager.

Turn on your fantasy, gentlemen, and ladies.