I think you’ve read SAP courses very carefully with attention. And you know SAP Query logging abilities for sure. I didn’t know that. I’ve read some courses and have found curious things I’d like to share with you.

For example, we can log everything user runs in ad-hoc query or SAP Query. Let’s set it up.
Open SQ02, menu Extras – Set Logs.
sq02 logging

Here we add infosets and info areas (like standard and global). The first column is for the area (space for standard and G for global). Second is for Infoset or asterisk.

That’s it!

From now when a user runs report built on Infoset system logs all the data like in the picture below.

And if you want to get the same report you need to add your user to the user group /SAPQUERY/SQ  in global area (transaction SQ03) and then open ad-hoc query with this user group.