Here is a secret way how you can save thousands of dollars on print form development.

Printing Documents

Here is an issue. Customer needs to print hundreds of the same form documents for employees. Like notices, orders or whatever.

First of all we need to create basic SAP Query report. For example I’ve created this one that includes name and company. For real doc you’ll possible need many other fields like amount from infotype 0015, address from sixth and etc. All this you can extract from the system with standard fields within SAP Query or create additional fields in Customizing.

The most important to have in a query that it shows just one string per document. Only one record per employee as the whole record is transferred to a printer at once.

Click on this button to process doc in MS Word. Select ‘Form letter processing with MS Word’.

Now system asks if we want to use existing Word document or to create a new one. First time I choose new as I wanted to create template for future use. MS Word opens where with ‘Insert Merge Button” you can insert fields from SAP Query into corresponding places in a document.

Once we’ve setup template and beauty we need to save document on shared network folder for future reference. System can’t store and use it from within SAP HCM.

Now, when we run live report with 5 millions of employees, we choose existing MS Word document. Here is how my simple template looks like.

You see it’s that simple.

Then we have these magic buttons in MS Word panel:
Edit Recipient List – choose records to print documents. By default it selects all records from Query.

Finish & Merge – finish and create final documents. You can save them on a disk or print immediately.

In result we’ve got two documents one by one with different data from my query. It took us several minutes instead of days of ABAP code.


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