Here is a deal. You can simplify users’ life with STVARV transaction. You can store variables in STVARV. Most developers are aware of this transaction while consultants are not. Convenience is in the ability to create variables, define their values and (bonus!) assign variables to fields in report variants.

Let’s say we create variable “Gross wages” where put all wage types referenced to gross income. Than we use this variable in all payroll reports in variants. Old style way is to define wage types directly in each variant in each report. In case you add even one wage type you need to adjust all variants for all reports. Nightmare!

New way is to create one variable, assign wage types and next time you need to add just one wage type to gross income you just do one change in STVARV and it works everywhere. Brilliant!


In STVARV transaction create variable ZGROSS_WAGES with all wage types set.


Let’s take S_PH9_46000172 transaction as a report. Create variant where add our variable.


When we choose variant it automatically inserts our wage types from variable value.


Just imaging how we can use it…