Opening a new column “Useful questions”. These are questions that consultant, project manager should answer to solve task to a good quality. As you know the right question has half an answer. Your comments and additions are always welcomed.

User Training. What is needed to accomplish user training successfully? It’s essential to develop a number of documents which will define how future training will flow in the project. These documents are:

  • Training strategy/concept/approach. Answers on a question: «How to train?»
  • Training schedule. Answers on question: «When to train?»
  • Training plan. Answers on question: «What to train?»

Training strategy:

  1. How to train? In person/remotely.
  2. How to control training quality? Tests/performance review?
  3. How to ensure that people remember what and how to perform in system in test or live run?
  4. How to provide access to training documents? Shared folders/portal/email/etc?
  5. How to provide right user manual during operation in system quickly?
  6. How to maintain and update user manuals during a project or support phase?
  7. Who changes user manuals when system or business changes?
  8. How to inform users when user manual changes?
  9. How deep and detailed should training documents and user manuals be?
  10. How to show methodology in user manuals?
  11. What is a structure of training documents?
  12. How to form training documents: by process steps, by processes, by business functions, by roles, combined?
  13. How to run training in person? Who is a teacher, who assists? Is there an approach to train key users that they would train end users?
  14. Who records user questions during training?
  15. How are users informed of answers to their questions that were asked on training?
  16. Who prepares training systems, classes, infrastructure?
  17. Who and how creates users for training?
  18. Who should be trained?
  19. Should you track attendance on the training? What for?

Training schedule:

  1. What is quality training group?
  2. What is quantity training group?
  3. How to train universal soldiers that should be trained on different courses?
  4. When to train?
  5. Are users available for training on that schedule?
  6. Won’t users forget training before that start to operate in a live system?

Training plan:

  1. What’s the content of a training?
  2. What ratio is for presentation, methodology, and system in a training?
  3. How deep and detailed should trainer explain?
  4. Should contiguous processes be explained?
  5. How to build practical exercises not to interfere with each other?

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