Positive accounting is a tricky thing. Seems to be easy – come in/go out – check in/out and everything should work fine, But.. Positive accounting is when time is registered by actual time worked in days or hours, with time events (in, out, lunch). There are special statuses in infotype 7th, special time evaluation schemas TM00, TM01. How does it work?

We’ve implemented positive accounting with biometric fingerstamps. When an employee comes he enters personnel number, swipe finger and time event is stored in SAP. 3rd party vendor collects time events, process them to avoid errors and post to SAP every 5 minutes. It’s performed with standard SAP interface PDC – PT80 transaction.

To start we need to create infotype 0050 for every personnel number how will use PDC interface. Employees with infotype 0050 will be downloaded from SAP to time accounting server (3rd party), that collects time events. It could be done with RPTCC101 program, that will send personnel data through ALE. You need to set distribution model in BD64 transaction where that 3rd party system is a registered RFC program/service.

SAP initiates receiving time events. It sends IDOC with time events requisition. Programm RPTCC106. The external system received that query downloads time events from its database and sends them as IDOC to SAP. These IDOCS uploads into SAP and waits for being processed and posted. To post time events use SAPCDT45 program which creates records in TEVEN table deleting them from temporary buffer CC1TEV. Then you can see time events in infotype 2011.

It’s time to run time evaluation with TM00 schema.

Looks simple but there could be nuances.

  • How to filter bad events? For example, employee checked in twice or forgot to check out? We solve these issues in the external system and to help time managers we upload work schedules to that system.
  • It happens when time events are posted when time manager has changed time data. System posts these time events overlapping old ones and an error occur in time evaluation. To avoid set 2 for A00 key in V_T705B view. It will ignore duplicates.
  • To round time events to work schedule use fields from work schedule settings. The system will round time data up to grace period.