I’ve decided to test procedures infotype 0130. It allows to restrict access to history records for some infotypes. You know that regular permission system doesn’t allow to manage access over the period. If you have access you can change record independently of its date. What if we need to restrict access in “closed periods”? Use infotype 0130.

Test procedure – subtype of 130’s infotype. Infotypes are assigned to test procedure. For example, “Time data” test procedure with 7, 2001, 2002, 2003 infotypes could restrict access to previous records. Just to avoid any changes in history.

Set AUTSW APPRO value in OOAC transaction.

The procedure itself is quite easy. It’s need to create 130 infotype with correct subtype – test procedure – for employees whom you need to restrict history data change. Let’s say it’s May 1st is entered into infotype. It means data before May couldn’t be changed for time infotypes (in case you set Time test procedure).

You’d better to use LSMW to create infotype 130.

To lock or unlock data entry in mass use RPTAPPU0 program.

Advice. To setup procedure don’t forget to add infotype 130 into P_ORGIN object in your roles. And split it by subtypes of 130 infotype. Everybody entering time data should have read access to 130 infotype. Administrator should have change access.