I’m positive you’ve heard such tool as business configuration sets. This convinient thing makes any table customizing grouping with ease into one box and transport them to other system or landscape. Fox example we can transport setting with transport reqiests or with BC Sets. BS Sets have an advantage that you can manually specify needed SPRO paths, tables, even records or part of a record, that is inpossible with regular transport requests. As a plus it has pleasant interface.

Open SPRO -> Tools -> Customizing Objects -> Business Configuration Sets.

Create a new package.


In SPRO window select path to include into package. It will open view with data on the right. If there are several tables in a view you can select right table on the top and its records will be shown below. Select records to be included into package. With that we can transfer not only the whole record but its part or several fields.


Select needed paths. When we switch to another path in IMG it will mark included into package settings.


If you double click on package name or title, it opens package with its content.


Quite easy, isn’t it?

You can download or upload BC Set through flat file.

To activate BS Set settings use transaction SCPR20. It will shoud conflicts in records, activation journal and will create transport request.

P.S. You can move settings from one project to another with BC Sets.